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EHF-USA, Inc. trainings and workshops will focus on the skills individuals will need to promote and participate in variety of environmental and health issues and related ventures. We will cover issues such as: Greening your business, How to win green contracts, Writing grant etc. (Read More...)


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Our Mission

EHF Foundation-USA, Inc. strives to unite Jamaicans (West Indians) in the diaspora and all other individuals who share similar interests in environmental health through social, cultural, research and educational events.The corporation is established exclusively as an environmental health educational center which will provide educational activities and a variety of training/workshops, and cultural activities...

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What is EHF-USA, Inc.

EHF Foundation-USA, Inc. (EHF-USA, Inc.) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, nonpartisan educational foundation that promotes Caribbean culture and heritage. EHF-USA serves as a resource for the Jamaican community in the Diaspora, and has environmental, educational, and health programs (including scholarships, heritage, travel and mentoring) as its focus.